VGA and YPbPr to HDMI Converter

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VGA+YPbPr + digital Audio + stereo L/R audio to HDMI Converter

VGA/YPbPr to HDMI Converter is designed to convertanalog VGA signal from PC computer or component signal (YPbPr) from component-enabled source, such as PS2, STB, DVD, HD player, etc. to HDMI signal. It integrates the vga to hdmi converter and component to hdmi converter in one and allows you to hook up your VGA or component enabled source to your HDMI-enabled LCD or plasma TV. Thus you can enjoy programs on a large HDMI screen.

If you have older devices that only have Component (green, blue,&red) connections or an older laptop or desktop computer without an HDMI connection that you want to plug into your new TV using HDMI, this YpbPr/VGA to HDMI adapter is the best solution for you. With this handy converter, you can now use that old VCR, gaming system, or computer and display it on your HD TV without a problem.



--Input: 1 * VGA, 1 * Component Video (YPbPr), 1 * Video, 1 * Stereo AUDIO (R/L), 1 * Audio
--Output: 1 * HDMI (720p/50Hz/60Hz,1080p/50Hz/60Hz)
--Real scaler function, output is fixed at 1080P/720P to avoid compability problem.
--VGA Resolution: 640*480(60Hz, 72Hz, 75Hz), 800*600(60Hz, 72Hz, 75Hz), 1024*768(60Hz, 70Hz, 75Hz), 1080*768(60Hz), 1280*960(60Hz), 1280*1024(60Hz), 1400*1050(60Hz), 1440*1050(60Hz), 1440*900(60Hz), 1360*768 (60Hz), 1920*1080(60Hz)
--Component Video (YPbPr) Resolution: 480i(60Hz), 480P(60Hz), 576i(50Hz), 576P(50Hz), 720P(50Hz, 60Hz), 1080i(50Hz, 60Hz), 1080P(50Hz, 60Hz).
--Output HDMI: 720p(50Hz), 720p(60Hz), 1080p(50Hz), 1080p(60hz)
--With OSD settings, you are able to adjust RGB color, Brightness, Sound mode , display area and ratio, etc., as easy as A,B,C.

Package includes:

1 * vga/ypbpr to hdmi Converter
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Cable
1 * Audio Cable

If you need to convert HDMI to VGA device, please check our hdmi to vga video converter;
If you'd like to convert HDMI to component YPbPr adapter, please check here

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