Heartley Non-electric Greek Yogurt Maker & Cheese Maker

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This is the combo of the Yogurt Maker and Cheese Maker


Non Electric Heartley Yogurt Maker Features
* innovative off-the-grid small kitchen appliance.
* Save on energy while make healthy, fresh yogurt almost anywhere.
* Enjoy the experience of making wholesome fresh yogurt at home without plugging in an electric appliance.
* Make natural, preservative-free yogurt in 8 to 10 hours.
* FDA grade material, BPA free, lead free
* Best Selling in Japan


Heartley Yogurt Maker is a non-electric yogurt making machine that makes yogurt easily at home. Since it does not use electricity, you don’t need to pay for electrical bills. it is safe, trouble-free and portable. What’s more, it has adopted our self-developed patented suspended insulation technology that will effectively avoid probiotics become damaged or even die off due to high temperature. thus Heartley Yogurt Maker will retain more active probiotics. As time is very important for yogurt making, so its 360-Degree Surround Heater system will keep probiotics grown and help you get the best yogurt. Just wait 6-10 hours (time varies with room temperature), that means make it overnight and enjoy fresh yogurt the morning. Perfect!

Homemade Yogurt Maker Pink

Make your own healthy yogurt from whole, low fat, or non-fat milk. • 25 oz of Yogurt, just in 8 hours. Simple use, with no electricity required. • Multiple-walled, thermally insulated container designed to work in summer and winter temperatures. • Simply mix the milk you prefer (whole, low fat, or non-fat) with your yogurt starter culture. Then add boiling water to the thermal liner. • Clean-up is easy too, and the yogurt maker is immediately ready to use for the next batch. •Food-grade material; It is all BPA Free • 1-year mfg. warranty.

Homemade yogurt does not have the consistency of commercial, store-bought yogurt. If you prefer thicker yogurt, try doubling the amount of starter yogurt or adding 3 tablespoons of powdered milk to the batch at the start. If you enjoy flavored yogurt, add your flavoring after cooling when the yogurt is ready to serve. It's so Easy to Make Your Own Yogurt at Home! Enjoy it!


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  • Super easy9th Jan 2019

    easy to use! I use it to make keifer and it works perfectly!