Dual SIM Card Adapter for iPhone 4/4S with Back Cover

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DUAL Sim Card Adapter Back Case For iPhone 4/4S

 This item is upgraded and no longer for retailing now. Please contact us for wholesale price, MOQ 100. Thanks.
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The world's first and unique design to integrate two numbers into one iPhone 4, bringing great convenience to your life & work.
It is indispensable to businessman in the competitive world. This Dual SIM card Back Case is made from a super tough PC skin
with tactile ergonomic design, durable and stylish. If you're wondering to use both private and business phone NO for a better life,
this Dual SIM Adapter Case is a good choice for you. And this case also works as a protector for your iPhone 4G. And with this Dual
SIM, you are no longer to hassle with your network problems when you are travelling from one country to another country. Really a good craft.


Stylish and lightweight case, high quality
Two SIM Cards available in one mobile phone.
Auto-switch between SIM Cards;
Enable to edit switching time.
Enable to edit display name of SIM
Perfectly fits iPhone 4; gives a non-slip coating.
Cut outs for all the iPhone 4's features - without removing it from the case.
Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk - Fits perfectly in your pocket.


This accessory is compatible with:
- iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.0.0)
- iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.0.1)
- iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.0.2)
- iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.1.0)
- iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.2.0)
- iPhone 4G (Firmware 4.2.1)
- IOs Firmware 4.3
- iOS firmware 4.3.1
- iOS firmware 4.3.2
- iOS firmware 4.3.3
- iOS firmware 4.3.4
- iOS firmware 4.3.5
- iOS firmware 5.0.0
- iOS firmware 5.0.1

Set-up inside your iPhone:
- Home ==> settings ==> Phone ==> SIM Applications: select your desire SIM card
("Auto/SW" makes both SIM work alternately. If you don't want it to select SIM card for you when the signal is low, please don't select "auto/SW)

Note once you've chosen to another sim card, it will have a message "No SIM Card installed", please wait 1 or 2 minutes, it needs aound 1 ~ 2 minutes to search, during this time, "No SIM" will appear in the top right of your iphone's screen.

Package includes:

1 x Dual SIM Card Adapter Case for iPhone 4/4S (No Sim Cards are included)

- This Card does NOT support DUAL STANDBY Mode but you can switch between them.
- Due to complexiety of network compatibility, we cannot 100% guarantee its compatibility with your network.
- This card comes with a back cover specially made for the dual sim. Why you need a back cover? It is because when you have the Dual Sim card, all your case will no longer be suitable, so we design a Dual Sim card with a spcially made back cover to allow you use the dual SIM safetly.
- For iPhone 4S, you have to restart the iPhone 4S after switch the SIM card.

Q: It's Dual Sim switch or a dual sim with dual standby?
A: It's a switch. for a dual sim dual standby you should redesign the phone and put other chip inside which is impossible :)

Q: Should I set the APN everytime that I switch?
A: No, only with unsupported operators. Supported operators switch APN automatically.

Q: What firmware (iOS) does it support?
A: see compatibility list above

Q: Switch SIM cost any money?
A: Absolutely not, it's like switch manually the sim, but virtually.

Q: It works with FaceTime?
A: You should re-active FaceTime every time that you switch the sim, it's normal. You could disable FaceTime and activate it only when you need.

Q: Reset the phone it's necessary to switch the sim?
A: No. The reset could be useful only the first time, then you could switch with the phone on and in 20/30 seconds.

Q: Can I use other cover?
A: Absolutely yes! Be sure that are soft or that they have the space for the circuit and the other sim. However, please be carefully because the protection will not be as strong as using the bundled Cover.

Q: Does it work with my locked iPhone?
A: No, it does not work.

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  • Perfectly24th Feb 2012

    The Dual SIM Adapter assembly worked and performed perfect upon installation. It completely fixed my phone and glad to find a good part for an affordable price.

  • works great24th Feb 2012

    It is a great product and does what it should. It works but you should very careful when putting it on the phone.