2 in 1 Camera Connection Kit Card Reader for iPad

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The 2 in 1 Camera Connection Kit Card Reader for iPad offers you two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera to iPad/iPad 2: using your camera’s USB cable or directly from an SD card. 

Viewing photos on the gorgeous iPad/iPad 2 is a beautiful thing. Now with this iPad camera connection kit, you can easily download the photos from your digital camera to your iPad and share with your family and friends. And the iPad and the Camera Connection Kit supports standard photo formats, including JPEG and RAW, along with SD and HD video formats, including H.264 and MPEG-4.
The Camera Connector kit features a USB interface. You can use it to import the photos or videos from camera to iPad and it also supports an external PC keyboard or U disk. Note that it doesn’t support 3G iPhone.

Please Note that this 2 in 1 iPad Cemera Connection Kit version can fully support iPad and iPad 2, the latest iOS 4.3.2. Its funcation is no difference with the 2 in 1 iPad Camera Connection Kit Premium(SKU:73) except the chip.

ipad camera usb card reader connection kid

- Newest design for iPad/iPad 2 
- 2 in 1 camera connection+ SD card reader kit for iPad/iPad 2 
- offers two ways to import photos and videos from a digital camera to iPad/iPad 2- using camera’s USB cable or directly from an SD card.
- Incredibly easy to download photos/videos from your digital camera to your iPad
- Support standard photo formats along with SD and HD video formats
- Compatible with USB Camera that support Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) or mass storage class devices

- USB Port: USB 2.0
- Card Support: TF, SD, RS-MMC, MMC, micro SD
- OS: Support the latest new Mac OS 4.3.2
- Compatible with iPad/iPad 2/iPhone 4G

Package contents:
2 in 1 Camera Connection Kit Card Reader for iPad

iPad Camera Connection kit features the following top ten achievements.
1. Camera to iPad/iPad 2 via USB or SD card
Can directly import digital camera photos to iPad/iPad 2 via USB cable, very convenient and fast; can directly read photos and video files in the SD cards on iPad/iPad 2.
2. Supports an external U disk via USB accessories.
3. Supports an external hard drive (should be powered) that is no bigger than 100G.

4. iPhone to iPad/iPad 2
It will automatically import the photos to iPad when connecting with iPhone by using USB accessories and the photos taken by iPhone will display instantly on the iPad.
5. iPod to iPad/iPad 2
When connected iPod via USB accessories, it cannot automatically import photos from iPod. But you can find the iPod music in mnt folder with ifile VAR.
6. Can be connected to USB Hub by using USB Accessories, but it need external power supply.
7. Q: Can I take pictures and import photos simultaneously when the camera connection kit is connected with the digital camera?
    A:No,you can't take pictures when importing photos(as we’ve tested). Because when the camera is connected with the iPad/iPad 2, it is in “USB connecting mode” and won't be able to work.
8. Wired keyboard connection: it supports external keyboard via USB, and can type anything as you like.
9. Card reader: test successfully. It is now not only can read the SD card, but it supports card reader.
10. USB fan connection: successful. Now you can enjoy a cool summer.

How to use
Instructions 1: Camera/iPhone to iPad/iPad 2 via USB port
Just plug the kit into the dock connector port on your iPad, then attach your digital camera or iPhone using a USB cable (not included).
You can also import photos or videos from a U disk to iPad via the USB port. And an external PC keyboard is supported to type words.
Note that it cannot support iPhone 3G.

Instructions 2: import photos/videos via SD Card Slot
Use the SD Card Reader to import photos directly from your camera's SD card.
Connect it to your iPad, and then insert your digital camera's SD card into the slot. After you make the connection, your iPad automatically opens the Photos app, which lets you choose which pictures to import, then organizes the selected photos into albums. When you sync iPad to your PC or Mac, the photos on your iPad are added to your computer's photo library.

1. This iPad camera connection kit supports standard image formats, including JPEG and RAW. Image files should be stored in "DCIM" folder, which is automatically created in digital camera. If you use the U disk, you can manually create a folder named "DCIM", then copy of the image to the "DCIM" folder.
Requirements: All pictures or video, regardless of from U disk, SD card or digital camera, must be in the DCIM root directory; there should be no any subfolders in DCIM folder.
2. This iPad camera connection kit does not support iPhone 3G.
3. The two interfaces (USB & SD) cannot work simultaneously. There is a switch on the side, and you can only use USB or SD (one of them) one time.

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