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New Apple TV On the way – Dual Core A5 Is Expecting

TechCrunch just posted a rumor suggesting that the current Apple TV might be replaced with a newer model in the very near future.

As TechCrunch reports, Amazon and Best Buy are now selling the second-generation Apple TV for $89, $10 below its $99 MSRP. Amazon has also marked the product name with the number “2010″ label next to the product name, perhaps suggesting that there will be a 2011 or 2012 edition rolling out soon. And major retailers rarely sell Apple products below their suggested price. It’s a practice usually reserved for clearing out inventory prior to product discontinuation.

The existing model has been around since September 1, 2010, and a new device might very well replace the single-core A4 with a dual-core A5. That bump would help 1080p playback and smooth out the UI on the Apple TV.

The author believes that if a new Apple TV is on the way, it would be likely to hit the market before the holiday buying binge starts — perhaps as soon as the next few days. If not, a refresh wouldn’t be likely until 2012.

New Apple TV 2011 2012

New Apple TV

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An Effective Guide for Using VGA to HDMI Converter

HDMI plays a great important role in today’s life as HDMI produces a digital signal while VGA only produces an analogue signal. That why people want to get around this, but in essence, the only way is to use a VGA to HDMI Converter or say VGA to HDMI Converter adapter to achieve the best possible signal transfer. The problem has become more and more apparent in today’s modern world, as many manufacturers have started to use the HDMI connection because of its compact nature, like HD monitors and HD TVs. Yet the laptops and computers are still more likely to have VGA connections. If you want to enjoy the HD videos or movies on the big screen HD TVs, you have to use HDMI to achieve brilliant performance.

Some people claim that you can buy a VGA to HDMI cable to do the job in one shot, but the chances of this working are slim to none. Remember, you are changing from an analogue to digital signal, so it is impossible to go from one to the other without a converter. When making this conversion, a VGA to HDMI converter is required. If there is no conversion unit present, you will have problems no matter how hard you try.

Standalone converters are probably your best option. You should be aware that as well as the adapter, you will need a few other cables to ensure you get a good connection. The first of these is an actual VGA to VGA cable will cover that side of the visual signal source to the VGA to HDMI converter. On the other end, a HDMI to HDMI cable to go from your VGA to HDMI converter to the HD display or HD TV. The main part that people seem to overlook is that the VGA side will also need an audio cable to let the sound transfer to the converter. The last and most important part is that the VGA to HDMI adapter will need a power supply which is often included when you purchase the adapter/converter. Some are made to run on batteries, but in general, you will find that these run out on a regular basis.

VGA to HDMI converter adapter

VGA to HDMI Converter Adapter

So now you know all of the small pieces that go into completing the complicated VGA analogue to HDMI digital conversion when using a VGA HDMI to adapter, you should be able to make a better decision when it comes to buying your parts. Always try to buy the best options that you can afford. In the long run your signal conversion will be a lot better if you do. Sadly, using one piece of cheap cable can ruin the whole effect, so ensure that you have enough of a budget to buy the best VGA to HDMI adapter you can afford. Here are 2 types of VGA to HDMI adapters for you options. These 2 VGA to HDMI adapters/converters are alike except a little difference that is whether with up-scaling function. A VGA to HDMI converter with upscaler function will help you upscale any videos to 720P or 1080P HD videos to have a wonderful HD experience. While VGA to HDMI adapter without upscaler function will makes no change for the videos. If the video is not with high definition resolution, you’ll not get the HD experience. As there is little difference in price, it’s better to get a VGA to HDMI adapter with upscaler since you not always have access to all HD videos. There are lots of classic videos made years ago are not in high definition resolution. So VGA to HDMI Converter with upscaler would be a better choice.

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What is the Difference among HDMI, DVI, and VGA?

With HDMI, displayport come into the markets and become more and more widely used, there are so many interfaces that make us messed up. we are often asked:  what’s the difference among them, and which is better, DVI,  HDMI, or VGA? Now have a look at the popular connectors during our daily life and then come to the conclusion.

HDMI – short for High Definition Multimedia Interface, is a compact 19-pin digital connection that transmits both high-definition uncompressed video and multi-channel audio through a single cable. HDMI, as the preferred connection for HD devices, connects digital audio/video sources (such as set-top boxes, DVD players, HD DVD players, Blu-ray Disc players, AVCHD camcorders, personal computers (PCs), video game consoles such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and AV receivers) to compatible digital audio devices, computer monitors, video projectors, tablet computers, and digital televisions.

hdmi 1.4 high speed cable

HDMI Interface

DVIDigital Visual Interface, is a video interface standard covering the transmission of video between a source device (such as a personal computer) and a display device. The DVI standard has achieved widespread acceptance in the PC industry, both in desktop PCs and monitors. Most contemporary retail desktop PCs and LCD monitors feature a DVI interface, and many other devices (such as projectors and consumer televisions) support DVI indirectly through HDMI.

mini dp to dvi adaptor

DVI Interface

VGA – Abbreviation of video graphics array, a graphics display system for PCs developed by IBM, the VGA connector or Cable carry analog video signals.

PSP to VGA converter

VGA Interface

From the above definition, we know that both DVI and VGA just support video transmission while HDMI support both video and audio transmission. The difference for DVI and VGA is the former support digital video while the later just support analog video. Another important thing you should be aware is the HDCP protocol.

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) is a form of digital copy protection developed by Intel Corporation to prevent copying of digital audio and video content as it travels across connections. These connections include popular ones like DisplayPort (DP), DVI, and HDMI, as well as non-popular or now defunct connections like Gigabit Video Interface (GVIF), and Unified Display Interface (UDI).

That’s why DVI and HDMI are exactly the same as one another, image-quality-wise. Except the principal differences that HDMI carries audio as well as video, and uses a different type of connector, both HDMI and DVI use the same encoding scheme (HDCP), and that’s why a DVI source can be connected to an HDMI monitor, or vice versa, with a DVI/HDMI cable, with no intervening converter box.

So there comes to the answer, HDMI is the best solution for connecting high-definition products: the uncompressed, all-digital interface that delivers both dazzling quality and unmatched ease of use. No wonder thousands of manufacturers now incorporate HDMI connectivity into a growing list of consumer products including HDTVs, Blu-ray Disc players,multimedia PCs, gaming systems (like PS3, Xbox 360), digital cameras and camcorders,mobile devices and more.