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DreamBook W7 Android 2.2 Tablet PC Phone Review

When the Dreambook W7 tablet phone comes to the market, we surprise how elegant and powerful it is. It shares much similarity with Samsung P1000 in design and performance. Just as Samsung P1000, Dreambook W7 can also be named as a phonelet, which also has the same function as a smartphone. In terms of price, Dreambook w7 is much affordable than P1000.

The Dreambook W7 Google Android Tablet PC is armed with a Freescale iMX515 Cortex A8 processor, 1GHz CPU, 8G flash memory, android 2.2 OS, 7-inch capacitive multitouch display with 1024*600 pixels of resolution, a battery of 3300mAh, integrated 3G module with support of voice call and texts, bluetooth and GPS.

Thanks to its high resolution, Dreambook W7 has very good performance in webpage browsing, pictures viewing. After you get Dreambook into mobile network, you will be able to make calls, sending texts and surf the Internet on 3G WCDMA network. Of course, it can also be customized to TD CDMA and EVOO module. There is no bluetooth in most of tablet PCs, but it is a must for a phonelet like the Dreambook W7 Tablet PC. There is also built-in android market, official Dreammarket as well as the third-party apps store to offer customers rich apps sources. With the latest Android 2.2 OS, surfing or browsing becomes a breeze now, and with the open source Google Android system, it will keep your upgrade a freely forever. With so many magnificent features, the Dreambook W7 tablet phone will justify why it is worth the price well and of course worth you getting your feet wet.

Google Android 2.2 Tablet 3G/WiFi Phone

Dreambook W7 Google Android Tablet 3G/WiFi Phone

Getting to learn the main features of the Dreambook W7  Android 2.2 Tablet PC Smartphone

Freescale i.MX515 Cortex-A8 1GHz Processor
DDR2 SRAM 512M Bytes RAM
NAND Flash memory 8G
7″ TFT XGA multi-touch screen with 1024×600 hi-resolution
Support WiFi/BT connectivity
3G Module WWAN connectivity(option)
GPS built-in
HW Video Codecs, HD720P TV-Out

For more information about the tech specs of  the Dreambook W7 tablet phone, click here.

Google Android 2.2 Tablet PC 3G WiFi Smart Phone

Dreambook W7 Google Android 2.2 Tablet PC Smart Phone

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