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HDMI to Scart Converter or Scart to HDMI Converter, which One to Choose?

Now you’re looking for an item to hook up your scart devices to your HDMI-based devices, but which one should you need, HDMI to Scart Converter, or SCart to HDMI Converter? If you’re not familiar with what they applications, you might be confused with them. Yes, they sound almost the same, only looks that the word “HDMI” and “Scart” reversed. However, they are not interchangeable in function and application. So let’s find which one you actually need.

HDMI to Scart Converter

With the introduction of HDMI interface, we now enjoy high definition videos and games anytime anywhere. And HDMI interface is widely applied to nowadays electronics that most new electronics now only feature an HDMI connection, such as Blu-Ray Player, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and so on. This is great for our home entertainment since we now can enjoy a incredible wonderful experience. But you might still get some equipment with only Scart. Case is that you’ve got a HDMI-based Apple TV or PS3 and still have an older television with only scart inputs. What are the alternatives apart from spending hundreds on a new TV?

That’s why our HDMI to Scart Converter comes. The converter is designed to convert the HDMI signal to a Scart signal with stereo sound. This allows you to enjoy high definition movies and games on the older SCART TV or projector that doesn’t have HDMI input.
Most of the new AV devices like blue-ray DVD player, HD DV, APPLE TV2, PC, Wii Console, PS3, Xbox 360, etc. have a HDMI interface. If you want to use the new HDMI-based AV device on an older Scart TV or projector, this HDMI to Scart adapter can easily solve the problem for you. Just simply plug them into the adapter using your HDMI cable and then connect the Scart output into your TV.

HDMI to SCART Converter Connection

HDMI to SCART Converter Connection

Scart to HDMI Converter

So if you got peripherals that only have a standard scart output, such as standard DVD player, Sky box, freeview, Nintendo Wii, etc. and so you sometimes won’t be able to connect them to your new HD TV that only has HDMI inputs. Even if you can hook up your scart-based devices to your HD TV then the quality won’t be great. As is known to all, Scart is considered an old connection type that only transmits a weak compressed analog signal, while HDMI can transmit an uncompressed digital signal which means better quality, higher contrast, and a sharper image, and also a more fantastic experience. Then the Scart to HDMI Converter comes in handy. This converter can not only convert scart signal to HDMI signal, but upscale scart video to 720P or 1080P HD video via its upscaling function. You can freely set the output video output to 720P or 1080P according to your HD TV or video source quality. Yes, it’s easy since Scart to HDMI Adapter Upscarler has a 720P/1080P switch button.

SCART to HDMI Converter

With the above discussion, you definitely know the difference between the HDMI to Scart adaptor and Scart to HDMI adapter now. Just keep in mind, they can’t be used reversely and are not interchangeable.

SCART to HDMI – Enjoy Analog Video on Your HD TV with 1080P High Quality

The SCART is one of the oldest television cable connectors and has been around for almost as long as televisions have been used ever since. A SCART connector in basic terms is a common type of audio/video cable that is used primarily in Europe and the UK for connecting DVD players, VCRs, and other digital components to televisions. The SCART connector is composed of 21 pins. Each one of these pins is assigned an analogue video or analogue audio signal which can be used to pass through S-Video, Composite or RGB analogue signals, making it a highly adaptable cable designed specifically to connect digital components to televisions.

The SCART has been widely used in a long time. Around 2005 HDMI was brought to us as the new standard connections for flat screen TV. It is the currently “so called” best connection. The difference between HDMI and the SCART connection is simple: one is digital – HDMI and the other analogue – SCART.

If you think of how many people still have video recorders, dvd players, non high definition satellite receivers, the numbers are massive. However, many families have HDMI HDTV for high definition experience. So if you’d like to connect your SCART connector devices to your HD TV, a scart to HDMI converter is your option, to help you scale your SCART analog signal to HDMI 720P or 1080P signal.