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Activated Carbon Carving Craft – Perfect Match of Arts and Science

Charcoal carving craft is made of active carbon. Activated carbon is an excellent adsorbent which is capable of both physical and chemical absorption. It can absorb all kinds of substance in the air selectively, especially the harmful substance like formaldehyde, benzene, dimethylbenzene, ammonia, chlorine, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, smog, peculiar smelling, etc. from the air. It can purify the air, accommodate the indoor temperature, beautify environment, and is good for our health.

Its main functions can be described as follows:
Deodorization: It can strongly absorb the odor at a capacity of 5 to 10 times of that of normal product with its strong absorption property and catalyzing property.
Detoxification: It can modulate the air in the house such as absorbing the toxic and harmful chemical gas such as ammonia, formaldehyde, volatile organic compound, benzene which resulted from the decorating materials. It can also modulate the humidity of the air in the house.
Mould prevention: The property of absorption and catalyzing provide the mildew with no space for reproduction. In this way, not only the mould but also the odor of mould can both be solved.
Sterilization: Bacterium such as E. coli, staphylococcus aureus, tinea capitis, festering bacteria and pseudomonas areuginosa can be removed effectively which can depress the transmission of intestinal virus, influenza and filterable virus.

Activated Carbon Carving Craft

Activated Carbon Carving Craft

Apart from these functions, the activated carbon carving is also a work of art. It is made with traditional hand-carving process, given a quaint appearance of high-tech products and a strong culture. It is really a perfect combination of the activated carbon molding technology and traditional carving. So the active carbon carving is widely used in hotels, offices and families, as a work of art to decorate the room and make it freshening. As an environmental-friendly product, no energy cost, no pollution, it saves you much money while keep you healthy. A really best choice for home decoration and also air purifier and fresher! The activated charcoal carving craft is a really beautiful stunner that keeps the applied arts and the fine arts into one.