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Dreambook W7 Android 2.2 3G WiFi Table PC Is All In – A Fun Way to Be Connected

The Dreambook W7 Google Android Tablet PC comes with a Freescale iMX515 Cortex A8 processor, 1GHz CPU, 8G flash memory, android 2.2, 7-inch capacitive multitouch display with 1024*600 pixels of resolution, a battery of 3300mAh, integrated 3G module with support of voice call and texts, bluetooth and GPS.

Dreambook W7 Android 2.2 Tablet PC

Dreambook W7 Android 2.2 Tablet PC

Thanks to its high resolution, Dreambook W7 has very good performance in webpage browsing, pictures viewing. After you get Dreambook into mobile network, you will be able to make calls, sending texts and surf the Internet on 3G WCDMA network. Of course, it can also be customized to TD CDMA and EVOO module. There is no bluetooth in most of tablet PCs, but it is a must for a phonelet like the Dreambook W7 Tablet PC. There is also built-in android market, official Dreammarket as well as the third-party apps store to offer customers rich apps sources. With the latest Android 2.2 OS, surfing or browsing become a breeze now, and with the open source Google Android system, it will keep your upgrade freely.

With so fantastic entertainment, you get a fun way to be connected.

Dreambook W7 Tablet PC

Dreambook W7 Tablet PC

With so many magnificant features, the Dreambook W7 tablet phone will justify why it is worth the price well and ofcourse worth you getting your feet wet. And you not only get the great deals, but free shipping now.

Google Android Tablet PC Dreambook W7

Dreambook W7 Google Android Tablet PC

Mini 1080P Full HD Media Player Review

When the  1080P Full HD Mini Media Player Syvio M1 come to the market, we surprise how powerful it is. With such a tiny and slim body, it may be the smallest HD media player in the world, at 5.5 x 2.7 x 0.9 inches. It is very charming in design, with several bright colors for your choice – purple, blue, silver and yellow. Exquisite in design, thin and tiny, it is called as “Pocket Media Player” that you can put it into your pocket and take it anywhere. Though mini in size, it can support WiFi, Dolby Digital,DTS,H.264, AVC, and so on. Then you can browse digital video, audio and photos from various devices, such as Samba, NAS, digital camera, USB/e-sata mass storage devices (flash drive, HDD). What’s more, it is very economical, low in price and since it support H.264 HD video, you can  enjoy plenty of high definition movies/videos from Internet , no cost for the Blue-ray disc in the future. And this mini media player can support external HDD capability up to 2TB and SD/MMC/MS card reader which will bring more convenience and wonderful things to enjoy. What’s amazing is this pocket can support file editing that you can copy,move,delete,rename files as you like. A really compact, elegant and smart full HD media player! Tiny but brilliant, compatible with almost all the fashion audio and video formats, WiFi internet access, several color to choose, get one home and experience a true HD bliss right now!

hd media player hdmi

Learn more features about this mini HD media player:
Tiny – one of the smallest portable HD Media player available, at 5.5 x 2.7 x 0.9 inches
Elegant Design – incredibly cool design with different bright colors to choose
High Definition – Full HD 1080P High Resolution Media Player
User-friendly Interface – easy to control even for kids
Backward Compatiblity – HDMI 1.3 Version is backward-compatible with previous versions.
Powerful – tiny but powerful, adopting HDMI 1.3V, support pulling in digital video, audio and photos from various devices and Lan / WiFi network.
Economical – plenty of High Definition Videos/movies from internet to enjoy, no cost on the Blue-ray disc in the future.
Upgradable firmware to ensure worry-free aftersales
Pull in digital video, audio and photos from various, such as Samba, NAS, digital camera, USB/e-sata mass storage devices (flash drive, HDD) and Wi-Fi network
HDMI V1.3a (up to 1080p)
Support DTS decode
Support external HDD capability up to 2TB
Support SD/MMC/MS card reader
Support multi-language OSD menu and subtitle
Able to connect external USB/e-sata hard disk, U-disk, USB Wireless Dongle etc.
Able to Copy, Move, Delete, Rename files.

This HD HDMI media player is offered with 25% OFF now, hurry to get this great deal.