How to Have Multiple Monitors Connect to Your iMac

iMac is one of the creative item in the world. It brings us an innovative idea for an electronic thing. It is an elegant all-in-one computer that is as much a work of art as it is state of the art. It allows you to enjoy comfort and productivity with a widescreen display and high performance technologies. However, the chances are that sometimes you may need extra monitors to enlarge or extend your workspace. With external displays you can organize your projects by limiting certain programs to a specific monitor, while arranging other applications on another monitor. Multitasking becomes easier. So here is the guide for you on how to have multiple monitors for you iMac.

For most people, they would consider to buy a mini displayport/Thunderbolt to VGA adapter , Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt to DVI adapter or mini displayport/Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter to hook up to another monitor. It does work for you. However, it is not the perfect solution for you since it just works as an extra display for you. Have you imagined making your monitor work as an extra computer for you? It’s not a dream. You can make it by following the guide below.

1. VGA monitor to iMac
If you only have a VGA port monitor, you can also use it as a computer by connecting a USB to VGA adapter. The USB to VGA adapter converter enables you to connect additional display devices (CRT/LCD monitor or projector) to your iMac or other computer. The connected monitor can act as a mirrored or extended desktop of your iMac or other PC. In this way, your iMac works as an extra computer for you. You can play games on your iMac, while your family watch movie on the connected display.

2. HDMI monitor to iMac
If you monitor has a HDMI jack, you can use USB to HDMI adapter to connect them. If you’re boring for not having good program for your TV, now hook up your HD TV to your iMac with the USB to HDMI converter and watch program online. Enjoy whatever you like on a bigger and high definition display while somebody in your family can work or surf online with the iMac. No bother each other anymore. It’s perfect, right?

This solution will save you money to buy additional computer and also will help you work in a more efficient way since the USB to VGA converter and USB to HDMI converter have several modes for you. They will make your additional monitor work as an extending screen or mirror one for you. That is good for your work. You don’t have to change windows when you are checking graphics or data with the extending function. While the mirror function will do well for you when have meeting. These USB adapters can connect up to 6 monitors for you. That’s amazing, right? Of course, this has demands on your computer. But your iMac is designed for a high performance. So don’t worry.

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