USB to HDMI 1080P Converter with Audio Released

Thanks to the technology, we now have many amazing things that make our life more colorful and easier. Here we get another wonderful thing – the newly developed USB to HDMI Converter.

This USB 2.0 to HDMI gadget is designed for Mac or PC user to connect their computer to HD TV via USB, which frees them from the limitation of not having a HDMI output on the computer. Though year ago we can use the PC to TV adapter to hook up PC to TV (via a VGA port), yet this requires a VGA output for the computer. For those slim laptops or flat panel computers, like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, etc., the PC to TV adaptor will not work. Now this USB to HDMI Converter provides a perfect solution for those without VGA output, and it lets you surf online and watch movie synchronously. This makes it widely applied in many fields such as home theater, business meeting, office work, etc. This USB to HDMI Adapter is also built with audio output, allowing you enjoy more fantastic experience via home theater speaker equipment.

usb to hdmi converter

Apart from its powerful function, this gadget also has a slim body. Since it is mini in size, with 8cm in length, 5.2cm in height, it’s convenient for you to take to anywhere, home or office.

NOW Hook up Your MAC or PC to HD TV with this powerful and elegant USB to HDMI 1080P converter, to spark your digital life.

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