How to Connect Multiple HDMI Devices to Only One HDMI Input

With HDMI technology integrated into our digital life, it’s common for most people to have multiple HDMI devices such as video game consoles and Blue-ray players that need to be connected to the HDMI input on their HDTV. However, lots of HDTVs have only one HDMI input, especially those bought several years ago. With all these new HDMI sources, how does one get the desired inputs to the HDTV or HD monitor with one HDMI input? Don’t worry; connecting multiple HDMI devices to only one HDMI input can easily be accomplished by using a HDMI switcher.

A HDMI switch box is a device designed for users to connect multiple HDMI devices, such as DVD players, set-top boxes, into 1 HDTV or HD display without having to manually swap cables every time you need to use a different HDMI device. The basic models available are 3×1 HDMI switch and 5×1 HDMI switch. The 3X1 HDMI switcher means there are 3 inputs and 1 output that allows the user to switch between 3 HDMI sources, while the 5×1 HDMI switches allow the user to select up to 5 HDMI sources. By the way, we highly encourage users to select at least a 3 port model for future expandability. With a plethora of HDMI sources, for example PS3, Blu-Ray, HD DVD, Apple TV, and HD video cards coming to market, it is prudent to have at least 3 HDMI inputs available to your HDTV. 2-port HDMI switches will be 100% occupied as most HD home theaters will use a HD cable or satellite receiver and a HD DVD player.

HDMI switch box

HDMI Switcher Box

Tips for selecting the right and best HDMI switch?

-HDCP transparency: any HDMI switching box must pass HDCP data between source and monitor.

-HDMI 1.3: HDMI 1.3 is recommended since it is the latest version of most HDMI devices (except HDMI cables are with HDMI 1.4 version now). This will ensure that you protect your investment and have the bandwidth to support future applications.

- Backward compatibility with DVI-D: There is a mix of both HDMI and DVI-D devices in the field. Users should select a HDMI switch box rather than a DVI-D switch since HDMI is backward compatible with DVI-D.

-Expandability: 5 port HDMI switch is recommended for future expandability. If you use a 2 port, then you have no expandability. It is likely that future HD sources such as games stations, HD DVD player/recorders will utilize HDMI.

- Remote control: A remote control to select the desired channel is essential. Ensure you freely enjoy the program in distance and switch as you like.

- Smart function: sense the input source ports automatically, and bypass the port without signal. Switch to the last plugged input source port automatically when hot plugging. VVdeals HDMI switches are all of the smart function and its “Memory” setting will ensure you a wonderful digital life.

- External-Powered: It is important that the HDMI switch is powered independently from a dedicated power source. Some HDMI switches are powered directly from the HDMI cable to save cost, however this could load down the power from the HDMI source. The power carried on the HDMI cable is intended to power the internal EDID PROM inside the TV which stores the TV’s capabilities. It is not intended to power up external devices. And powered HDMI switchers will ensure you high performance for long distance transmission.

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